That's how we prepare it

At Ultima, we know that keeping your dog or cat healthy is important. That’s why we take care of their diet by creating our recipes using high-quality ingredients. We want to share that process with you, so you can see for yourselves how we make their favourite food. The bowl on the left corresponds to the recipe Small Adult with Chicken.

Premium quality ingredients

Our strict internal screening process verifies that all the ingredients that we receive comply with our high-quality standards.

100% complete and balanced pet food

We blend the ingredients using exact proportions to obtain a recipe tailored to the nutritional needs of your dog or cat. We finish the formula by adding vitamins and minerals, to create a meal that is 100% complete and balanced.
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Steam cooked

Then, we mix the ingredients together and steam cook them in order capture their full flavour and benefits for longer.

Making kibbles

Once steamed, the kibble is moulded into the right size and shape according to the characteristics and needs of each dog or cat.
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Oven dried

Then, we place the kibbles in an oven to dry. This also gives them a crunchy texture and ensures that the food is naturally preserved.


Our recipe is ready! All that’s left is to leave the kibbles to rest and pack them in our self-sealing packets so that the food can be stored in your home and remain at its best.

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