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Get a custom PETmoji for your dog or cat Get a custom PETmoji for your dog or cat

Get a custom PETmoji for your dog or cat

Your dog or your cat is one of a kind, and not just when it comes to their personality, but in their physical appearance too. Although there are plenty of emojis, finding one that’s an exact likeness of your faithful friend is almost impossible. 

Because we know you love to talk about them and they’re ever present in your day-to-day life, we have created Petmojis, a set of virtual emojis that you can customise down to the finest detail for your dog or cat and use in all your chats and conversations.

Getting one is simple. Just visit our PETmoji creator and follow the steps shown, but seeing as you’re here, we’re going to explain how to create and install it in detail.

How to create your PETmoji

Creating your PETmoji is simple and intuitive, and all it takes is a few minutes and you can enjoy using your dog’s or cat’s very own emoji in your favourite chats.


To create your PETmoji you need to visit our PETmoji creator. First, select whether you are after a cat emoji or a dog emoji and the breed. Then you can select their coat, eyes, ears and even add those special spots that you love so much. Finally, you’ll need to enter their name.



When you are finished customising your PETmoji, you’ll need to register and create an account with our Ultima community. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll receive a confirmation email. 



Finally, you will have to download our PETmoji app on your mobile for Android or iOS. Then, with your username, you can log in and access the emoji that you created of your dog or cat and save it as a sticker in WhatsApp. 



To add it to your chat app, all you have to do is press the “Add PETmoji to WhatsApp” button and it will automatically be saved in the app. There are a host of emotions available! (Laughing, crying, love, anger…).


All that remains is for you to share your dog’s or cat’s PETmoji with all your friends and family and show them how you made it so they can get their own too.

Now you can really take your dog or cat everywhere you go! And don’t forget to share your PETmoji with your followers using the hashtags #betterwithmydog or #betterwithmycat and #PETmoji. We hope you enjoy creating and sending your PETmojis.

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