What are medium and large dogs like?

  • 1

    Loyal companions

    There is nothing that makes our medium or large dogs happier than caring and protecting their family. They will not hesitate to show their loyalty, affection and establish a very special bond.

  • 2

    Full of energy

    Our medium or large dogs need a lot of physical and social activity and they enjoy running in the open air, or calm walks through open spaces. That’s why they are the best companions to join you while you exercise outside.

  • 3

    Our bodyguards

    Some breeds of medium or large dogs were bred to work as hunting or guard dogs given their agility, intelligence and strength. In fact, even if our big dogs are gentle they always give us a sense of security and protection.

  • 4

    Tailored care

    Did you know that given their larger size, medium and large dogs suffer from bone and joint problems? Continue reading to find out how to look after them and feed them in order to help them maintain optimum physical condition.

How Ultima helps them

Given their larger size, medium and large dogs can suffer from sensitive digestion and joint problems. With the right diet, you will help your dog maintain optimal physical condition and health. Discover how Ultima Medium-Maxi recipes can help them.

High-quality ingredients

Our recipes are made with high-quality ingredients that combine balanced amounts of animal protein, peas and wholegrain cereals in a balanced way. Furthermore, they are tailored to their ages and specific needs.

Contributes to a good digestion

The recipes of Ultima Medium-Maxi contribute to a good digestion, as they contain specific ingredients high in fibers, such as beet pulp.

How Ultima helps them

No colourants or preservatives

No added sugars, colourants or preservatives

Strong teeth and bones

The new recipes of Ultima Medium-Maxi contain a combination of minerals and vitamin D that help the dog to have strong teeth and bones.