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Which dogs are best for children?

If you’re asking yourself which dogs are best for children, first of all bear in mind that it’s not just a question of which breed: the behaviour of each individual animal is key. We’re going to take a look at the factors that determine that behaviour, and how to find the best dog for the smallest members of the family...

Dogs that bark a lot
My first dog and me
Dogs that bark a lot: tips

Dogs don’t just bark for no reason, and they don’t do it to irritate us either. However, some dogs do bark more than others. Why? What can you do to control her barking? We have some tips for you that will help. Barking is a natural form of communication for dogs, and they bark in a range of very different situations and contexts. It’s interesting that dogs tend to use barking more than other species of canid. Experts believe this could be a result of intentional genetic selection on the part of human beings during the domestication process. So basically they're saying that it was we humans who chose as companions precisely those dogs that bark a lot, because this facilitated communication.

My dog growls at me: what can I do?
My first dog and me
My dog growls at me: what can I do?

If you’re reading this article, in all probability it’s because at some point your dog has indeed growled at you, or maybe he does it all the time. If you’d like to know how to solve this problem, here are the guidelines recommended by our experts.

The language of dogs
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The language of dogs: how to understand what your dog is telling you

A grasp of the language of dogs is fundamental for us to understand them. Knowing how to interpret the communication signals your dog sends out will allow you to understand him better at all times. This summary provides a very practical guide. Dogs are animals that are able to experience a lot of different emotions, and they use their body position, their tail, their facial expression and also their voice to tell you how they’re feeling, or what they need.