What are small dogs like?

  • 1

    They're great family pets

    Small dogs easily adapt to life indoors, such as in a family home. They bring out the best in us and they're ideal for sharing homes with young children or elderly people.

  • 2

    Happy and playful

    Despite being small in size, they are full of energy and love to play. The majority are usually loving and enjoy being carried in your arms or on your lap.

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    Small all-rounder

    Thanks to their size, small dogs can take part in all family activities because they are easy to take with you. Whether it's on public transport or on holiday, it’s easier to travel with a small dog.

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    Tailored care

    Did you know that the metabolism of small dogs differs to that of larger dogs? Or that they tend to develop tartar? Here, we tell you how to feed and care for them in order to keep them in optimum health and full of energy.

How Ultima helps them

Small dogs benefit from tailored food that also takes care of their dental health. Discover how Ultima Small recipes are specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs and help keep them in optimal health and thriving.

High-quality ingredients

Our recipes are made with high-quality ingredients that combine sources of animal protein, peas, rice and wholegrain cereals in a balanced way. Furthermore, they are tailored to their ages and specific needs.

Natural defences

Now all of Ultima Small products are made with natural prebiotics that help to maintain a balanced gut flora in your dog, which contributes to maintaining natural barriers and defences.

How Ultima helps them

No colourants or preservatives

No added sugars, colourants or preservatives

Vitality and dental hygiene

Ultima Small recipes contain the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary to cover all the nutritional needs of your small dog. Also, they help to reduce the build-up of plaque thanks to a combination of minerals and the special size of the kibble.

Caring for their dental hygiene

Why is it important?

Small dogs have a predisposition to develop tartar because bacterial plaque and calcium accumulate more quickly in their small mouths. Tartar build-up can have medium and long-term consequences such as bad breath, gum inflammation, or digestive problems.

Caring for their dental hygiene

Kibble size

The new Ultima Small recipes help to reduce plaque formation. The new, larger kibble, which has a mechanical effect on your dog's tooth, in conjunction with the various minerals, helps to reduce plaque formation.