What are they like?

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    Night-time activity

    Cats are naturally nocturnal animals. In fact, there are two types of nocturnal behaviour expressed by cats depending on their age: Young cats are more active at night-time due to their instinct to hunt. Meanwhile, as cats age, their night-time activity may be due to changes in their sleep patterns.

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    Feline instinct

    Our cats still retain their feline instincts that make them so unique. If your cat is un-neutered, it's possible that when on heat, they will exhibit territorial behaviour such as meowing, marking and escape attempts.

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    Moments of connection

    Although they are famous for being independent animals, they also love hugs and stroking. There is nothing like snuggling up together on the sofa at the end of the day to enjoy a precious moment of connection with your feline friend.

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    Tailored care

    Did you know that depending on the age or characteristics of your cat, they could benefit from specifically tailored food? Would you like to know how to help reduce hairball formation? Below, we give you all the essentials to help your cat maintain optimal health.

How Ultima helps them

A cat’s digestive system is sensitive. That’s why it’s important to take care of their diet, by providing them high-quality food that is easily digested. At Ultima, we offer products made from high-quality ingredients that are tailored to their specific nutritional needs.

High-quality ingredients

Our recipes are made with high-quality ingredients that combine sources of animal protein, peas, whole barley and wheat in a balanced way. Furthermore, they are tailored to their ages and specific needs.

Shiny coat and skin care

All products from Ultima range are made with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, biotin and zinc that contribute to a shiny coat and skin care.

How Ultima helps them

No colourants or preservatives

No added sugar, no colourants and preservatives.

Easy to digest

Ultima's recipes are based on a high-quality source of animal protein, whole barley and wheat, which provides a source of easily digestible carbohydrates.

Caring for your cat's digestion, hair and skin

Why is it important?

Cats often suffer from sensitive digestion which can cause discomfort. Also, a cat's fur and skin have a protective function, so it’s important to look after them.

Shiny coat and healthy skin

Thanks to the combinations of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, biotin and zinc, Ultima products care for your cat's skin and produce a shiny coat.

Caring for your cat's digestion, hair and skin

Easy to digest

Ultima's recipes have been created to aid digestion for cats. They have high levels of high-quality protein such as beef, chicken, turkey, trout, and they include rice which is a highly digestible source of carbohydrate.