Neutering: everything you need to know


The basic of neutering

What does neutering involve?

Neutering is a very common procedure that can be done at your local vet's practice. It's a procedure to remove the ovaries in the case of females, or the testicles in the case of males, which is performed under general anaesthetic. Pets usually go home the same day. Female cats usually go back to the vet for a check-up and to remove any stitches 8-10 days later.

What are your cat's basic needs after sterilization?

"Although recovery tends to be quick, it is important to keep a close eye on your cat after the operation. Pay attention to your cat’s energy levels and eating habits or any difficulties breathing or going to the toilet. It’s advisable to swap sand litter for pieces of absorbent paper for a few days in order to protect the wound. Also, to avoid your cat from licking the wound an anti-scratch collar can be used."


Neutering age

What is the best age to neuter?

It’s advisable to neuter your cat at around four to six months old. This means the procedure can be done without complications, however its always recommended to consult your vet first. In order to avoid unwanted litters and prevent them from developing certain pathologies, it’s better not to wait.


Changes in behaviour

What changes will my cat experience?

L'esterilització comporta alguns canvis en el gat. D'una banda, en millora la conducta sexual i així evites problemes de marcatge territorial o que s'escapi de casa. D'altra banda, s'ha de vigilar el pes del gat, ja que el seu metabolisme canvia: pot tenir molta més gana i disminuir l'activitat física.

Will my cat stop playing after sterilization?

Don't worry, the personality of your cat won't change after neutering. Your cat will still have the same desires to run, jump and play as always. It is important that you still dedicate some time every day to play together.


Weight gain

How can I control their weight?

After spaying, the possibility of weight gain triples in your cat. As we've said previously, their metabolism changes, their appetite may increase, and their physical activity may decrease. You should bear in mind that carrying excess weight may reduce your cat's quality of life and increase the risk of illness. The best way to prevent this is through diet and exercise.

Is my cat getting fat?

To find out if your cat is overweight is easy. If they are at their ideal weight, you shouldn't notice their ribs at a glance, but you should notice them easily to the touch. If they are overweight, looking from above their waistline will be undefined and their back appears rounded. From a side view, you can see if their abdomen has got bigger or moves when they walk.

How Ultima helps them

Neutered cats tend to gain weight and have a delicate urinary tract. This is why it’s convenient to give them food like Ultima Sterilized that has been specifically designed for their needs.


Our recipes are made with high-quality ingredients that combine sources of animal protein, vegetables, barley and wholegrain cereals in a balanced way. Furthermore, they are tailored to their ages and specific needs.


Now all products from Ultima Sterilized range are made with natural prebiotics to support balanced your cat's gut flora, which in turn benefits their natural defences.

How Ultima helps them


No added sugar, no colourants and preservatives.


Ultima Sterilized contains a moderate level of fats and calories, which together with its fibre level and L-carnitine, helps to control the weight of our sterilized cat.

Tailor made nutrition


Sterilization in cats brings about changes in their metabolism, they tend to have more appetite and eat more, this can lead to weight gain. That is why a nutrition adapted to their needs is essential to help them to control their weight and their agility.


After sterilization, his urinary tract becomes more sensitive. Weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle can promote the development of urinary tract problems. Therefore, nutrition is important to help take care of his urinary tract.

Tailor made nutrition


Ultima Sterilized recipes are moderate in fat and calories which, along with L-Carnitine and fibre, help to control his weight and maintain his agility. It is also an alimentation with a correct balance of minerals that helps him to maintain an adequate pH in his urine. In addition, in all Ultima packs you will find a feeding guide so you know how much to give your cat according to his weight.